Wonderful AKC German Shepherd Puppies for Sale



Breed:German Shepherd Dog
Offered by:Breeder
Our AKC registered litter was born on 12/15/15. These energetic, playful pups are black. We now have 1 male and 1 female left from the litter for sale. Azra, the dam of this litter is AKC registered comes from a German lineage of highly trained Schutzhund dogs. The sire, Irco von Reeboch, is AKC registered and he is the son of a two-time World and three-time National Schutzhund champion. These puppies come from the finest of pedigrees and they are wonderful dogs ready to be trained for protection, obedience, and tracking. They will be very fine family dogs with a high degree of intelligence, loyalty, playfulness, and instinct to protect. We are looking for potential owners who will provide a loving and caring home for our pups. The pups come with AKC registration applications and documentation of shots. Pictures of pups are from Saturday, FEB 20th.