Lead Generator (Part-time)


Job Type:Full-time
SoapBoxSample is a vibrant, fast-growing online market research company. Our mission is to create an environment which empowers people to engage in mutually beneficial relationships, pursue avenues of self-expression and generate boundless growth opportunities. We are looking for a high energy and driven individual to join our growing sales team by researching and identifying potential business development opportunities.Responsibilities include:Spending lots of time surfing the web. You probably do this already, but we need you to find leads we can sell to – not stalk your ex on social media.Achieving predefined activity and appointment setting goals to help the company’s sales organization exceed our goals. We have to have a reason to pay you.We have a CRM system. We use it. You’ll have to as well.Promoting SoapBoxSample in the industry through quality prospecting engagements. We like looking good in the industry, and our hope is you’ll help us do so.Taking on the most exciting sales administration tasks such as CRM reporting, marketing activities, etc. Seriously, they’re exciting.After all of the above are you still confident, focused and open to a new experience? Keep on reading.Requirements:Must enjoy rejection. The bigger a glutton for punishment, the more you’ll enjoy the successes.Proven record of successfully guessing organizational phone numbers and email formats. Seriously.Do people like you? We have to like you – like right away.Do you work harder, or smarter? We prefer smarter.Do you like cliché terms? We prefer you do.Teamwork rocks (I told you you’d need to like clichés). Working well with the sales team would be much appreciated.Are you good at grammar and spelling? You have to be for this job. And we will test you. For real. Those who earn an A, will even get a gold star.Must be interested in a career in sales (or at least think you are) and ready to claw your way up from an entry-level position.This is a part-time position with potential for full time, for the right person. Include a cover letter with your resume (we won't consider you without a cover letter, we need to see how well you write) and tell us what you know about online sampling, in addition to why you want to work here. Once here you'll have fun. We even have free bagels every Thursday morning.