KNIFE SKILLS 101 CLASS AT COOK LA March 1 & April 4 2016



KNIFE SKILLS - Cooking Basics

The most important skill before heading to the stove—it’ll change your life!
Learn to slice and dice fruits and vegetables and use a sharp knife properly that is essential to good cooking.
You’ll prepare your meals quicker by mastering knife basics such as mincing, dicing, slicing, shredding and more. You’ll also learn knife safety and handling techniques, how to select and care for your knives.
* All notes and recipes will be emailed to you within 48 hrs.
What's on the Menu: 100% hands on class A meal will be made by students from the ingredients you cut/chop/peel/dice/slice/mince during class various fruits and vegetables.
COOK LA provides all materials needed for this class such as cutting boards, knives, aprons, food and ingredients.
Small and medium dice
Rondell and oblique (or roll cut)
Julienne (Or matchstick) cuts
cut/chop/peel/dice/slice/mince Notes/Recipes are emailed out. *You may bring in your own wine or beer, there is no extra corkage fee. Restrictions: All Skill levels welcome. Please let COOK LA know about any food allergies prior to the class. Must wear closed toed shoes for classes, camps and/or parties.
Instructor: **************************** Price: $80