Fresh PASTA making class at COOK LA Jan 30th



Fresh PASTA class * Hands-on Pasta Making class
Fresh pasta gives a delicate texture and depth of flavor to your pasta dishes – it’s an entirely different experience than boiled noodles from a box. This class will give you the confidence and skills to create a beautiful meal of fresh pasta and how to add ingredients to the dough any time.
What's on the Menu: Fresh Pasta (egg) dough - made by hand
Chef demo - make spinach fettucini
Pumpkin Raviolis OR Fresh Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with brown butter sage sauce
Fettucine Al Pomodorro Sauce
Served with a Caesar Salad and homemade croutons * Wine tasting
You can also bring in your own bottle of wine to share with your guests; there is no corkage fee
« Return to Calendar Date: Sunday, February 22
Time: 5:30pm-8:00pm
Restrictions: All skill levels welcomed. Teens accompanied with Adults - ok. Please let us know about any food allergies.
Instructor: ********************* Price: $75