F1 Teddy Bear Goldendoodles Ready June 2016, Standard & Medium Size



Breed:Golden Retriever/Poodle mix
Offered by:Breeder
We have our waiting list open to adopt an F1 Standard or Medium Size Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from our litter of puppies expected to be ready for new homes in the June ish timeframe, or leave them longer for additional training.

Medium size doodle puppies will range in size from 30-60 pounds and standards from 40-90 pounds. I will be able to tell you at the time of choosing, which puppy will be what size so we can find a perfect fit for your family. Choosing is done according to the date on your adoption contract. Puppies range in color from snow white to deep ruby red depending on the parents. I can help you choose the litter that will best fit the needs of your household. Puppies range in price from $1,800-$2,800 with a $800 deposit being required to hold your spot on the waiting list and the remainder due when the puppies are five weeks old. If you pay in full at the time of getting on the waiting list and BEFORE the litter is born, we do a $200 or $300 discount, (higher priced litters get the larger discount.) We offer $150 in training rebates which you can read about on the "Get Paid to Train Your Dog," page of our web site. We have been raising first generation Tedd Bear Goldendoodles for fourteen years. Our specialty is raising puppies that do exceptionally well in homes with young children and that can work as service and therapy dogs. We extensively socialize our puppies and set a solid foundation for an intelligent, gentle and reliable family companion. We keep our puppies until they are ten weeks old. Our puppies are fully crate trained, sleeping eight hours in their crates, by the time they leave us. This also gives us ample time to work on good house manners training. We do not believe in early vaccinating so holding onto our puppies longer gives us time to do a modified vaccine schedule and still make sure the puppies have some protection before leaving us. We've found out over the years of breeding that puppies do better when they stay with us a little longer. They are more ready to bond with their new family and it's not such a traumatic experience for them when they leave. We do what's called natural rearing, allowing the mama dog to wean the puppies when she's ready with no artificial interference's. We feed our adult dogs a Species Specific Diet, meaning human grade raw meat along with high quality supplements as needed for each dog. Our puppies are weaned on our own goats milk that I turn into kefir and then the Species Specific Diet that their parents receive. This sets the best foundation for your puppy's health possible. We raise what we call a Teddy Bear type Goldendoodle. This means that our puppies have the big beautiful boxy face of a Golden Retriever, the shorter, stockier conformation of a Golden Retriever (versus the long leggy look of a Poodle,) a very low to non shedding and non allergy causing, silky soft, medium wavy to big loose curls coat, and best of all, a super sweet, mellow, cuddly teddy bear disposition. We have colors ranging from snow white to ruby reds and all shades in between. Our puppies are the perfect family companions. Feel free to call if you'd like to talk further about adopting one of our babies. 209 786-1861