Artisan Bread BAKING Class - April 10, 2016


Artisan Bread BAKING Class

Handcrafted Artisan BREAD BAKING There is nothing like the mouthwatering aroma of fresh baked bread wafting through the house. Bread is a delicious necessity with every meal. Once you learn the basics, making fresh, home-made bread is a delight. Our Chef will show you how to master the “art” of bread making. In this class, our Chef will teach you about blooming yeast, mixing doughs, proofing and baking breads to create fresh-baked breads that you and your family will savor.
What's on the Menu: French Bread Mini Baguettes
Rosemary and Sea Salt Foccacia Bread
Southern Biscuits with Cinnamon Honey Butter
Soft Pretzels with Pumpkin Hot butter
* All breads will have a dipping sauce made in class to enjoy! Free dough scraper will be passed out compliments of King Arthur Flour. Restrictions: All skill levels welcomed. Teens accompanied with Adults - ok. Please let us know about any food allergies. Price: $80