1996 Aerolite Lite 25fk Camper 1



Stock # 5487 - Up for auction is a 1996 Aerolite Lite 25fk Camper that comes to us due to roof damage and water damage to the inside. Someone replaced the front window with a piece of Plexiglas and used silicone, causing it to come loose.

The siding in the front is starting to separate from the wall and bubble out, the siding on the left side is starting the separate and bubble too, it starts in the front and go’s all the way to the back and the graphics are faded on the left side. The rear siding is bubbled out on the lower half and there are two holes in it where the license plate holder was, there is a spot of silicone where the siding cracked, the right side siding is starting the separate and bubble out and the graphics are faded. The roof has some repair done to it there is a piece of plywood covering a hole in the front and the rubber roof is ripped in many spots, there is a 2x6 attached to the roof near the rear. The inside of the camper has a strong musty smell and there is water damage from the front of their camper to the rear. All the roof vents and ac unit leak and the ceiling shows water damage from front to back the worst spots are near the rear bed, the floor is soft all over. All the cabinets are starting to swell up form water leaking in and the flooring is starting to lift in spots. To bid on this or other items log onto www.recreationalsalvage.com. We have campers, boats, ATV’s and much more!!! T.S. Recreational; 1682 US Hwy. 10 E; Detroit Lakes, MN. Any questions, call 218-844-3033. Check us out! BUY IT NOW FOR $800 PLUS TAX AND LIC, THE AUCTION WILL CLOSE IF THE UNIT IS BOUGHT FOR THE BUY IT NOW PRICE… WHY WAIT WHEN YOU CAN BUT IT NOW!!! ****
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** Buy it now Prices are voided 24hr from the close of the auction